I am Jing Guo, a classical music lover, developer, and long-distance runner.

I love blogging, programming, and am fascinated by human history, psychology, irrational behavior, mathematics, technology, and MOOC. I also am a fan of travelling and photography. You can meet me on Coursera and LinkedIn.

I have been a blogger since 2009.


I enjoy writing codes and being creative, here are some projects I built:


  • Vice Leader of Chinese translation program for Gamification on Coursera certificate

  • Volunteer teaching in a special school in Kenya for two weeks with IVHQ certificate

  • Wikipedia contributor - Contribute new content to Wikipedia.

Running Records

  • Half marathon (21.1km) in Shanghai in 2014 - 2:17:35 certificate
  • Half marathon (21.1km) in Hong Kong in 2016 - 2:46:35 certificate
  • Marathon (42.2km) in Chicago, IL in 2017 - 5:24:57 certificate

MOOC Certificates


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Contact me: dev.guoj@gmail.com

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