Email: dev [dot] guoj [at] gmail [dot] com


I am a MSc student in the ALGANT program (Regensburg et Leiden). I am also looking for doctoral positions in extremal combinatorics and theoretical computer science!

I am interested in extremal combinatorics, graph theory, combinatorial number theory, and theoretical computer science. For more information, see my research page. My Erdős number is 2.

I graduated from the University of Utah in Spring, 2020. I also spent an semester at the Math in Moscow program and another at the Budapest Semesters in Mathematics program. Department of Mathematics of the University of Utah wrote an article about it.

I write software, have run two half-marathons in Shanghai in 2014 and in Hong Kong in 2016, and also have run the Chicago Marathon in 2017. When I am not studying or working, I generally enjoy reading, playing chess and Weiqi/Go, and photography.


  • August, 2023 (until 26th): I participate in the Copenhagen Summer of Counting & Algebraic Complexity in Copenhagen, thanks to the generosity of Prof. Radu-Cristian Curticapean!

  • July, 2023: I participated in the Summer School in Mathematics at ELTE in Budapest. It has been a fascinating experience.

  • June, 2023: I attended the FoCM 2023 conference in Paris.

  • February, 2023: I visited Jan Volec at the Czech Technical University in Prague. Thank you for hosting me, Prof. Volec!

  • Summer, 2022: I worked on a Google Summer of Code project to improve height functionality for SageMath. If you are interested, you can read my write-up.