Breaking the Time Barrier 摘录

Breaking the Time Barrier 这本电子书是为那些自由工作者(freelancers)或solo而写的。里面主要介绍了用基于价值(value-based)的定价去取代基于时间的定价。我用了一个多小时读完发现这是一本很好的书,并且是免费的。以下是我的摘录。

1.The value of what I do is based on the impact I can have on my client’s business.


2.Wouldn’t you invest $20,000 to generate $100,000?


3.The best thing you could do for yourself is to get the concept of time out of your head.


4.Our clients don’t care about our costs. They care about the value we create for them, so that’s what we should be asking them to pay for.


5.When you start off talking about price with a client, you’re putting your needs ahead of theirs.


6.The best thing I can do for the client is to help them explore what they want.


7.You gain an immense amount of clarity by establishing the A and B points.


8.The first thing you think when someone offers to sell you a perfectly decent- looking car for a thousand dollars is that something must be wrong under the hood.


9.If things get very competitive in your industry, instead of trying to compete on price, which just reduces you to a commodity, look for new ways to distinguish yourself and your services. Sometimes that means learning a new skill.

如果你的行业竞争激烈,找到新的能够使你鹤立鸡群的方式而不是转之去竞争价格,那只是把你自己作为商品。 有些时候这意味着学习新的技能。

10.Instead, you’ll be the partner they are investing alongside to deliver results for their business. You’ll be working on the same side of the table and you’ll be building a relationship that is mutually beneficial.


The Seven Mutual Benefits

  1. Create trust

  2. Foster alignment

  3. Help your client better evaluate vendors

  4. Frame the solution as an investment, not an expense

  5. Inspire action

  6. Let your client make an informed business decision

  7. Establishe a trusted partnership