Notes After Watching HIMYM and Friends

How I Met Your Mother tells a story of a architecture professor, Ted Mosby, living in New York dates several wrong girls and finally meets the One or the Mother–Tracy McConnell, later known as Tracy Mosby. In the course of this story, even Ted loves Robin but fails to end up with her.

On the contrary, Friends shows us a completely different story–Ross breaks up with Rachel and get back together and all over again. In ther last episode they go on their life together as we want.

The most distinguishable difference is the philosophies of two stories. Two men both meet a girl they love in the first place, HIMYM tells us one can find a new the One, while Friends shows us people in love with each other can always be together.

Despite that I’m a believer of the second philosophy, I am still aware of the odds of the first is much higher than the second. One grows as one experiences the wonder of the world, which certainly does not kill him or her making him or her a stronger or better person.

I remember there is a line said by Lily in HIMYM: “It was a long, difficult road. Thank God we finally got here”. Yeah, of course, without the context of that story, everyone heads to the very same ultimate destination, no exception. But sometimes the lucky part is that we are not alone.

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