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Recently, I realize life is no novel at all. People can’t work or live like in a vacuum, in a way they have to live dogmatic lives. No one can escape it - thus it would be tough for people to figure out what the destination and the value are at last.

As I “defined” myself a pragmatist before - but not a SERIOUS one. Since I always prefer doing or creating something fascinating or practical for others. When I retrospect to the beginning of summer vacation, I feel frustrated and I barely do something truly meaningful in two weeks - except for writing some blogs, chatting and/or having fun with my friend, etc.

Somehow those things forced me to introspect into my own mind - The main goal of what I’m supposed to do is pursue the achievement - even it may be risky. With the goal pushing me, it would not be exhausting or boring for me to organize what I’m going to do the next day. Hence I did get organized yesterday night, I listed what I was going to do today and also figured out the order of different things. I do believe it will help alleviate the boredom of behaving in a methodical and proper way, I can see a clear target after all.

I always aspire to create and not be formalist, which means I may not adapt such a life style at first. But whatever, I am going to take the challenge, inevitably something I should do could lead to a more effective life and being proactive.

And I hope I can have fun in the road and be healthy as well. Some tips I learned were from Philip Guo’s Blog, I’ve been reading his blog and The Ph.D. Grind since yesterday.

Plus I think I’m going to write something else. I bought Ellen’s Seriously … I’m Kidding yesterday on Amazon, it cost much money - for buying books in China. Reading is enjoyable and relaxing to me, so I look forward to a funny journey while reading the book.

Never forget to have fun, ever.

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